Saturday, July 16, 2011

Be like Bee

Angels lie to keep control...

Whaddup ? *giving you the look *
I'm busy like hell this weekend and i couldn't even lay myself on the bed except waktu malam lah kan .
Dengan cheer,kerja reduks nya lagi .SIGH.
Bila nak start study ni oiiii ? exam dah memanggil manggil dah .
Tobat aku taknak join lagi kejadah nie . buang masaaaaa =.=

Dah nak tidur.kbye

Thursday, July 7, 2011


HOME again :D
So much things happening but i really dont give a damn . Gonna live my life till the fullest .

Friday, June 10, 2011

Exaggerated Story

So here i am . Posting the last entry in my room . I'll be away soon , back to the hostel.
Have'nt tell ya where is my school aite ? Okay belakang PWTC . Its kind of creepy overthere.
And its not that cool anyway , trust me. Hari hari balik prep malam kau kena mengadap muka Najib.Ohh lupa nak tambah , berdekatan bangunan UMNO so yeah you will see the UMNO videos every night you went back to your hostel.Boleh muntah biru aku *eiu okay itu jijik .
Tapi aku takdelah kisah mana . lagi one year and a half aje kat sana :] *positive tash , positive.

*DD , tahniah okay :]

Smile Whenever You Are , People

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Freaking Love Wake Up Late In The Morning

cookie ♥ milk

p/s: Tidur merupakan kenikmatan hidup yang dikurniakan oleh Allah s.w.t .

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

When the heart do the job

ω є ℓ c σ м є ! ♥

Okay when i thought the holiday is getting bored , its actually getting fun .
Mama lah nie ,mula bagi idea meraban dia . Boleh ajak lepak kat Dataran Nilai tu . Duhh =.=
Esok nak hang out dengan athirah dekat rumah diaa , then malam pergi holiday nun jauh ke utara .
Tak kisahlah pergi mana , janji dengan family yang tercintaaaa <3 The place we go is not the question but with who we go is the matter . HAHA sejak bila lah pulak kau pandai buat ayat bunga bunga ni =.= Disebabkan minggu nie last cuti sekolah , homework pun macam haremm lah aku nak buat kan .
Till then , people :]

Monday, June 6, 2011

16 and stupid

How could i wish the thing i should'nt wish ? Sebab semua orang perlukan peluang kan ? So i just hope,NO i'm seriously hoping the wish will come true :] It does sound stupid . Kbye

Thursday, June 2, 2011


He's cool.He's HOT.He's perfect.He's sport man.He's stranger,yeah i don't know him.
But i felt kind of attraction when i saw his picture.I WANT HIM.
*jangan layan.entri angau

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


HEY :))
Thanks for bringing the sunshines in my life :D
YOURE THE BEST and to be truth,i never had one like you.
Sebenarnya saya nie malumalu kucing*miaowww
ahahh,.GEDIK :P
Thanks kak el :))


terujaaaaaaaaaa :D

Hey whoever that read this *ada ke orang nak baca ? peduli aku? tak kisah ! ngeheheh
Mak dah gatal tangan nak update blog nie haa,so meraban sikit okayy.Disebabkan ada masalh teknikal,tak boleh update hari tuu,tapi mak dah KEMBALI.muehehehe :p
We went for this reunion thingy tadi.Maklumlah dah lama tak jumpa ye, so teruja lah sikit.HIHI.
Nak gambar?Lek luuu.Banyak lagi nak story mory nie.
Tadi jumpa thirah, okay memang makcik nie mencapab sikit *padahal aku yang ajak kan*
Cikgu Norma pun ada and tetiba dia tanya pasal aku and tetttt . Memang cikgu nie mengalahkan wartawan Melodi.Soalan mencabar betul =.= gila aku nak jawab?So aku hanya berdaya senyum kambing sahaja *ptuihh.
Comel kan ? HAHA *perasan gila babbs

Friday, April 29, 2011


For three days. lepas tu balik hostel and will sits for midyear exam . GREAT.
Memang sempat kan nak study?pfftt . Dahlah result haritu pun macam t*** aje . 
Perlu ke weihh exam exam nie? Buang masa aj kankankan ? Haishh .

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The hockey match was dreadful.We were hoping much that we will win the game.But we were not,its just because they did score the penalty and truely,its just not our luck.But we DID play well,the referee said that.I never cry fo loosing in game before this but here,the tears suddenly went down my cheek.maybe because its not fair they win for the game that they dont deserve for.But i believe Allah knows what the best for us right ?
At least we lose with dignity,WAAIT.I did'nt lost anything but I WIN the best experienced in my life.We have such a good teamwork and i'm gonna miss all this.Coach bought us KFC to cheers us.He is DAMN good.I really learn something from this.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Stay cool please ? :D

People says bring your enemy closer.Thats what i'm doing now.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

oh yeahhhh

looking forward to meet them . Hey thirah,are you being sarcastic by posting that song to me ? Anyway, i appreciate that.Mama is going away for three days.She is having fun at Indonesia i supposed now.
I wonder when my bloody homework will done.Never i guess =='

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Achoooo ==' See this flu is killing me . Think i have this 'weather shock' . Whatevvvv,suprisingly.He doesnt even say hello to me , yeah not a single word.I'm forcing myself to go through everything you had with her and come again darling?She is your ** ? For god sake, come on ! How could you forget everything you said to me?You yang beria ria dulu but nowwww ?You love her because at the same time a friend which you called 'enemy' went crazayy over her jugk kan ?And, how on earth you boleh minat bola?Watch bola together with her?Ohh pleaseeeee.Guess all the dinstance is worth it rite.Let see how you deal with it later.

Sorry i'm talking nonsense :)

Whats with the GRENADE song ? I'm boredddddd

Friday, March 11, 2011

Come to An End

This morning when i woke up from sleep , its feel totally weirdddd. As if i'm in a place i've never been.Thirah called me and ask wether i want to follow her family to Seremban 2 . There's this tournament between KLIA's girl football team and others.So yeahh, I said yes.She got a lottttt of thing to tell me and yes , we've gossiping inside her car non stop on our way to S2.Thirah told me how the 'biatch' have been acting after i'm leaving the school.Of course,everyone will expected that.So here some advice to you,kalau you rasa you boleh stand dengan that slut,go ahead.I wish you good luck because thats what you need.Some luck,and a MIRACLE.To win her heart,and to survive from her game.I'm not hurt at all.Pelik kan ? You turn me to be somewhat I call bold.Now that's your loss.


I'm back . Miss me ? muaahhahah . But the GREATEST thing is i've got a tons of homework to do .
grr . Come on , give me a breakkkkkk !

Friday, February 4, 2011



I've been sitting in front of this bloody laptop for like 4 hours or something ? Doing nothing actually.
I'm waiting for my fams to come home rite now.They went to Francissca Peter's concert.I'm not interested so i have to babysit Adam.I've just finished blogwalking all the blogs i've followed.Well just checking-up what have i missed.Another two days before having a seriously hectic life.See what i mean is go to  boarding school.NO HANDPHONE,FB,BLOGGING  !Can you ever imagined that ? Ohh hell .

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sleepover at Dhini's

We're cool,dudes !

Its was my first time having this girls sleepover things.I thought it was silly to sleep at somebody else house , you know like we're actually troubling people.But i was completely wrong.I'm having fun at Dhini's place.With those gossiping stuff,stay up late online,late webcam with super freak face we made,watched Korea's movie that i seriously don't understand at all.Then at night , hangout at As-salam with these group of crazy people,they don't know how to control themselves,especially Afiq.He started to talk about Anuar ibrahim's case and i was like Ohh shut your dirty mouth up.I am seriously gonna miss all that =(

To Dhiya Dhini : Thank you for all good time we had.To know you is the best thing and to be with you is the sweetest thing.Okay now i sound like a real lesbo.Can't believe i'm crying == How lucky i am to have known someone who was so hard to say goodbye to.

To Faten : I'm sorry i haven't be a good friend to you,really regret that.If i was given a chance to change that,i'll do it,seriously.Thanks for all the talk about stupid boys.=)

To Niesa : You're the most person that i don't want to say goodbye to.What's the point of saying goodbye anyway ? I don't find any 'good' in goodbye.

To Intan : I'm worried sick about you.Who will take care of you after this ? Now its time to be a big girl rite ? If you read this, i want you to promise me that you will take good care of yourself.

I cannot say good-bye to those whom I have grown to love, for the memories we have made will last a lifetime and never know a good-bye.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Okay here's the thing , i'm LMAO rite now.Ada budak tak cukup matang ambik photo aku as her profile picture.Oh God ! its silly.Desperate sgt ke weyy ?Tapi rasa terharu pulak lah kan photo aku yang huduh tu pun ade orang nak copy.First time aku rasa dihargai.HAHA.Dah ambik photo aku satu hal , bila ade member dia puji pic aku tu *emm kembang , boleh dia cakap "taklah, buruk ade lah gambar nie" Agaknye budak nie memang nak rasa pelempang jepun aku kot ? Lantak kau lah . Buat habis tenaga je pikir pasal dia nie .

                                                        Nampak tak ?

Friday, January 28, 2011

The slut story

It felt like years i have'nt posting any news.Life continue as i'm gonna move out from here,and i think that was the first time i'm making a rite choice , maybe.It's kinda hurt me when i think he's not that care about i'm no longer will be here.What a big relief to know there's a slut gonna take my place, good luck with that .Being one of the KLIA's students was seriously fun .Gonna miss all that after this , surely .I cant hold my tears when Wawa started crying back then.Weak little girl =( I have to stop now. Need to get ready for tomorrow's event. Cikgu Norma's fiest.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bieber Mania

Gosh , as semua tau , JB will perform for his very first time in Malaysia ! Okay this is indeed a good oppoturnity to see him.Aku sanggup curi ticket concert dia douh ! HAHA . gila ? takkan lah sampai macam tu .
Jealous nak mampus bila ada girls yang dapat pergi concet dia .Sampai nangis guling guling aku . muahahaaa
Aku sanggup kahwin dengan orang yang offer ticket tu kat aku . *walaupun perempuan ? okay except perempuan lahh .OHH I"M GOING CRAZAYYYY !

kau tengok muka dia , suci gituuu aww ! HAHA

Where the hell are you ?

Kalau korang ada terrrjumpa specks aku tolong PULANGKAN . Macam orang buta aku belajar kau tau ? Mane tahh aku letak == Balik from kelas Physics rasenya hilang .Then terpaksa lah buat specks baru .Tak pasal pasal habis savings aku .

Abah : Lain kali sangkut kat leher specks tuu ==
Mama : Careless betul ! Nie dah kali ke-tiga buat specks kan ? Hisshh .

Choiii . Chill lahh , bukan aku nak pun hilang . Benda dah jadi , nak buat macam mane .Terima jelaa Qada' dan Qadar ALLAh .  Gelabah lah kau, tasha.HAHA

Friday, January 7, 2011

Unpredictable sweetheart

Alahai , lambat lagi nak habis SPM. 2 more years to go .
I received my sista's messages about that guy.Lepas SPM baru nak make up everything?
Are you kidding my ass off,honey?You'll be seeing other girls kalau macam tuu.Pffft , be realistic.
Geez , you really make me commit,bestfriend.Tak payah bajet sweet sangat lah . Tak jadi pun lakonan kau tuu.HEH.Who the hell cares about you ? == Mula mula cakap lain , lepastu cakap lain pulak . Dah macam keling aku tengok kau .Malas nak tulis pasal kau .

Till then =))