Friday, December 31, 2010

Year full of misery

Hey dear readers , i think its gonna be the last entry for year 2010.
By that , i'm gonna write the thing that i've through in this dreadful year.
First, i get to know this person who once has shattered my whole world better .
Second,i know who my real friends are , i mean not everyone was being honest to me.Well a FAKE friend we can say.
Third,i had to struggle for this stupid exam.But to be honest,i'm not trying my hard.Its a luck.
Fourth,its about the financial problem.I'm not born in a well,rich family.I think because of this i've been a reaaaal
stingy when its come to money.LOL
Fifth,i can't stop myself being jealous to this bunch of girls.They play hard to get other's attention.No,i mean it.Its like seeing Paris Hilton's clon.yuckss!
Sixth,my mom has through this chemotheraphy and i am worried sick about her.May she'll get better soon.
Seventh,this guy keep bugging my life.Ohh i can't hated him even if i try to.And guess what?My mom loves him soo much.That makes things even worst.
Eighth,a guy once using me for his own benefit.He was soo devil mean.Thanks God you'll be away from school next year.I'm soo not goin' to see you again,backstabber.

Well its just what life are,darling.Nobody was having a perfect sweet life.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

ignorance is your new bestfriend

Its time to move on right ? Maybe i've been pretending that you will come back to me . But the fact ? No i don't know . Waiting for you is like waiting for Justin B. to be with me , you got it ?
Everytime you leave,i'll say to myself "its okay dear , he will come back "
Well suits yourself darling . Go cry to your girlfriends then !

*i'm in disaster

Friday, December 24, 2010

party like a rock star

erk . gelabah tak title nie ? hahaa , well actually its not a party like real party you know. Its just a small bbq things.My mum suddenly tanya , hey tak buat bbq ke ? and she was like so excited then terus buat plan . petang tadi baru decided semua benda , and bnyak lah keja nak buat , menjemput orang lagi . Nasib baik ramai free .Its like after pmr result party lahh . HAHA.Tapi my twinnies , Shyra tak dapat datang . So sad of you , anyway , it was awesome to have meet them all again . But seriously penat , kau !

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Watch me baby

The toughest day now end with a great smile from my mum . should i be happy now ? well at least i'm thankful.
All the hard work seems to worth it . All praised to Allah , with HIS bless and help finally i manage to get 8 a's .
okay , abah . sila siapkan duit untuk beli handphone baru , okay ? we've make a deal before right ? HAHA . kejam sungguh . tak peduli ! nak jugak phone baru . muahahha


Monday, December 20, 2010

Skyping untill your face turns blue

Yup . Its 1.49 am and we were still skyping . Pak cik nie memang tak tau tidur ke apa weyyy ?? Aku dah mengantuk haa . HAHA . Kang aku main ended call kang , baru kau tahu . Dahlah esok nk bangun awal .

The diva own a story

Well long time no see huh ? Beta ada urusan negara yang tak boleh dielakkan . muahhah .
I've not see my dad for quite a long time because he has a job to do , so my mum brought us to buy this school thingy by herself . PATHETIC isn'it ? tapi nak buat macam mane , he works for us . Back to the story , Sarah needs a lot of new things sebab dia baru nak masuk alam remaja lah katekan . HAHA . So thats it . OMG , this thursday gonna be a breathless day . err , wish me luck ?

OKAY . this internet seriously hates me. tak bole add gambar --'

Thursday, December 9, 2010

After the distance...

Hey readers . or whoever . I don't know if there any person will read this , but i don't care . Just feel like writing . Btw , cakap Melayu sudaa . HAHA . Okay , lepas planning planning ( we've been planning a lot )
kitorang pun setuju nak jumpa dekat ehem , assalam jer .. sebab Dhini rinduu dekat ane assalam tu , wahahaha.
Actually planning macam ramai jee yang nak follow . Last last kitorang 3 orang ajee . Yang lain semua ada Urusan Negara . Hampehh --' tak kisahlahh , janji dapat jumpa kan kan ? Rinduu ouh . ngehngehh .Nie kira the last meet up lah . Fatin dah nak pindaah ! Gonna miss you , babyy 

I heart them 

Wait . i look fatttt --'

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lesson learnt

ohh how i miss him .
well , the missing piece will never be completed again without him .
God , save me .I learnt so many thing in this previous two month .
How many things that i had to lose . Life is a good teacher , indeed .
But the lesson , you have to find it yourself .For that , i thanks him for this valueble lesson .

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New friends ? Hoyeahhh

Pernah dengar tak ramah2 taik ayam ? Aku lah tuu , HAHA .
Best ouhh dapat kawan baru . Kalau yang friendly2 kucing lah *mioww !
Ahha , fb was great sometimes . sila silalah wall-ing dengan saya okay ? saya layan ajee .
Tapi kalau yang 'semacam' gituu aku tak layan . SORRY ! seram sejuuuk mak , nyahh .
Lagi satu , jangan nak goda goda mak . sumpah mak tak tergodaa ! HAHA

Monday, December 6, 2010

screw me .

whattsss up dudee ?? how to smile if your heart never at peace ? jiwakacauuuu ! wah ayat . haha
lebih kurang lah . ntah . serabut wehh . pffftt , nk type pun takde mood nie . Dah lah tak de idea . Memang blank gilaa lah . apakah sebab musababnya ? anda tau ? tak tau ? haa aku lagi tak tau . God , i'm dyinggg ! by the way , happy awal muharram , everybodyy ! lets start the new story with a better changes of ourselves .


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Girly-me time !

So when boredom are kill-ing you , you really need to do something , darling !
Then i bought a mask -,- and forced my sista to put it on my face *kejamm , HAHA
Well that mask smell like SHIT ! because it was a traditional one . Mustika ratu or what so ever the name is .
I've search for a nivea mask like hours at the store but could'nt find one . That mask was a last choice .
Its sooo gonna be the first and the last . muahahhaha

The Not-So-Superb Mask ?

Sungguh lah takde keje ! haha

Friday, December 3, 2010

Dear Superman ..

Hey its me again . I was bored to hell . How i wish that my life will be like the movies . You know, the happy ending stories and bla blaa bla. Yeah , it might sound stupid but i SERIOUSLY loveee to be one of the princess character in disney channel . HAHA . Cinderella,Sleeping Beauty and so on . Mimpi jelaa kau tasha . ngehngeh .

Keep Hoping On ,

Thursday, December 2, 2010

R.I.P , My dear

The superb handphone

rest in peace . what's with the title anyway ? okay takde sesape pun yang dah meninggal actually , tapi nak bagi penghormatan sikit lah kat handphone aku yang selama nie dah banyak berjasa mengconnect kan aku dgn orang lain. muahaha ayat mintak penyepak from cikgu BM . Macam mane lah handphone aku nie boleh mati tiba tiba ?
Justin Bieber nak call aku pun tak dapat,terpaksalah skype je dgn dia * okay this is so not true.
Abah,saya nak handphone baru ! yayyy !

Superb Evening

Heyyaa ! Petang tadi Shyra datang rumah . Mak dia drop dia kat rumah aku then blah mcm tu aje . Huh dah macam anak terbiar dah minah nie . hahah takde lah . Kesian kau Shyra ! hee . Disebabkan dah bored gilaa kitorg pun meronggeng kat luar rumah HAHA . Here're some pictures of us . =)

Get lost.She's minee !

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Never ending love story

Aku sure ramai org follow cerita Cinta Kirana kat astro tuu . Mula mula mmg best ! Part ymcm mane diaorg bole fall in love . Ohh sweet gila ! Tapi lama lama tgok cerita tu gua cakap sama lu rasa macam nak baling je remote control tu dekat screen tv , hahaha . Last last aku skip skip tgok cerita tu *mogok laa konon . Sorry , saya bukan peminat tegar drama indon yerh.Tadi baru start menghayati balik crita tu , part last eps tadi memang menyentuh usus perut aku ! muahaha tak gila ke si Kirana tu without the guy's explanation tetiba dia peluk si hero tu ? Mama pulak mcm director cerita tu . Dia tau je apa jadi lepas tu , tension la mama ! Maybe sebab drama indon semua sama kot ? HAHA . Kang tak pasal pasal kene serang dengan director drama indon ==' Hoho


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Superb People


Nama minah senget kat sebelah nie SHYRA SUHAIMI
Well , dia nie lah yang bertanggungjawab membuatkan aku buang masa kat blog nie . HAHA.
So , mama kalau nk marah , marah shyra okay ? ngee .
She's pretty good in everything she does.
I lovee you , my sweetie pie =)


 Monster yang cute miut nie nama dia Dhiya Dhini.
 Kenapa babbling monster ?
 Because she never stop once she start talking . LOL .
 One thing about her , she is Paramore's superb hard fan . Hee .
 Ohh i just love her charms  !


Minah sepet nie Intan Munirah .
Dia nie minat gila ngan menatang Korea tu.
Siap boleh hafal lagu nyah ! hahaa
Kau memang terbaik lah intan =)


Comel kan makcik nie ? Haha .
Nampak je mcm gangster,tapi dalam hati ada taman woo !
Luar keras , dalam mak aih lembut gila lah .
Sumpah aku rindu dgn penerajang kau , Nisa !


Budak yang die pegang nie adik aku .
Kadang kadang dia wat macam adik dia , geram lah jugak. HAHA
Yang pelik tu , dia tak merungut pulak jaga adik aku nie sedangkan perangai adik aku nie mcam $#&*@ ! haha nauzubillah nakal dia..
You've been a big help,Eizzu !


Nie la akibat dia tidur dalam kelas math .
So mama hired Fatin nie jadi Math teacher aku kat rumah .
HIRED ye tuantuan dan puanpuan .
So aku berharap sangat lah result PMR aku math okay . hahaa
Thank you for your help,honey !


Babe,i think you have a SUPERB LIFE . 
Sumpah best gossip dgn kau Thirah . HAHA
Dia nie dah macm .
Semua gossip hott dia ada. Kau ada ? haha
Malatop gitu kau thirah !


Aku rasa tak pyah lah aku taip nama dia kat sini .
Buat sakit tangan jer ==' hoho
Kenapa aku pilih dia ? Kenapa bukan Taylor Lautner ke , Zac Efron ke , Anuar Zain ke .. Kenapa msti si  JB nie yang mempunyai suara ala ala Britney Spears gitu ?
Aku pun takleh nk jawab soalan setengah mati nie .
I just can't stand looking at his super gorgeous hair and his super sexayy lips.
 Ohh i want him !!

The superb beginner

Hey peeps . This is my very first entry , TERUJA GILAA =) Hahaa .
At first macam malas nak buat blog blog nie , tapi lepas tgk blog SHYRA SUHAIMI yang meletopp gitu , terbukak pulak hati nie . HAHA .
Well , i'm not going to write about me all over in this blog because i did realize that i'm not the only person in this world , so it's going to be about EVERYONE in my life .
Writing a blog for me is not that easy , because we have to be ourselves , not copying what others write .
And that is not a simple work to do . THUMBS UP to every one who owns a blog .
Can you guys do me a favour ? Leave me your comment or ideas okay ? I am seriously know nothing about this blogging thing :) 

Thank you