Saturday, March 12, 2011


Achoooo ==' See this flu is killing me . Think i have this 'weather shock' . Whatevvvv,suprisingly.He doesnt even say hello to me , yeah not a single word.I'm forcing myself to go through everything you had with her and come again darling?She is your ** ? For god sake, come on ! How could you forget everything you said to me?You yang beria ria dulu but nowwww ?You love her because at the same time a friend which you called 'enemy' went crazayy over her jugk kan ?And, how on earth you boleh minat bola?Watch bola together with her?Ohh pleaseeeee.Guess all the dinstance is worth it rite.Let see how you deal with it later.

Sorry i'm talking nonsense :)

Whats with the GRENADE song ? I'm boredddddd

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