Friday, March 11, 2011

Come to An End

This morning when i woke up from sleep , its feel totally weirdddd. As if i'm in a place i've never been.Thirah called me and ask wether i want to follow her family to Seremban 2 . There's this tournament between KLIA's girl football team and others.So yeahh, I said yes.She got a lottttt of thing to tell me and yes , we've gossiping inside her car non stop on our way to S2.Thirah told me how the 'biatch' have been acting after i'm leaving the school.Of course,everyone will expected that.So here some advice to you,kalau you rasa you boleh stand dengan that slut,go ahead.I wish you good luck because thats what you need.Some luck,and a MIRACLE.To win her heart,and to survive from her game.I'm not hurt at all.Pelik kan ? You turn me to be somewhat I call bold.Now that's your loss.

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