Friday, December 31, 2010

Year full of misery

Hey dear readers , i think its gonna be the last entry for year 2010.
By that , i'm gonna write the thing that i've through in this dreadful year.
First, i get to know this person who once has shattered my whole world better .
Second,i know who my real friends are , i mean not everyone was being honest to me.Well a FAKE friend we can say.
Third,i had to struggle for this stupid exam.But to be honest,i'm not trying my hard.Its a luck.
Fourth,its about the financial problem.I'm not born in a well,rich family.I think because of this i've been a reaaaal
stingy when its come to money.LOL
Fifth,i can't stop myself being jealous to this bunch of girls.They play hard to get other's attention.No,i mean it.Its like seeing Paris Hilton's clon.yuckss!
Sixth,my mom has through this chemotheraphy and i am worried sick about her.May she'll get better soon.
Seventh,this guy keep bugging my life.Ohh i can't hated him even if i try to.And guess what?My mom loves him soo much.That makes things even worst.
Eighth,a guy once using me for his own benefit.He was soo devil mean.Thanks God you'll be away from school next year.I'm soo not goin' to see you again,backstabber.

Well its just what life are,darling.Nobody was having a perfect sweet life.

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