Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The superb beginner

Hey peeps . This is my very first entry , TERUJA GILAA =) Hahaa .
At first macam malas nak buat blog blog nie , tapi lepas tgk blog SHYRA SUHAIMI yang meletopp gitu , terbukak pulak hati nie . HAHA .
Well , i'm not going to write about me all over in this blog because i did realize that i'm not the only person in this world , so it's going to be about EVERYONE in my life .
Writing a blog for me is not that easy , because we have to be ourselves , not copying what others write .
And that is not a simple work to do . THUMBS UP to every one who owns a blog .
Can you guys do me a favour ? Leave me your comment or ideas okay ? I am seriously know nothing about this blogging thing :) 

Thank you


  1. write abt yr life, and what u love, and what u hate.
    but b careful not to kut0k 0wg using their names!!!!! n aq nasehatkn jgn tulis nme sk0lah... ^^ g.lukk~!!!!!

  2. why dont you write about your daily activities, events that you go to.? add some interesting pictures and cartoons, songs, or even some videos. always remember this, DO NOT write your story in a very longggg text. the reader might just get bored. make the text short and simple. hey this is just an advice from a friend who doesn't own a blog herself. tash, i'll be your most "setia" follower. :)

  3. Hey there my 'setia' follower.Thanks for your superb ideas .I really hope you can write your own blog,sayang . Sumpah aku jadi follower tegar kau. haha =)